Vehicle Tracker



Our OBD Vehicle Tracker offers the simplicity of plug-and-play installation. Just locate the OBD port and plug it in! This device offers:

  • Real-time vehicle location
  • Vehicle speed reporting
  • Basic vehicle parameters*
    • Fuel level
    • Battery voltage
    • Odometer
    • Engine RPM’s
  • Tow alarm
  • Motion detection
  • Backup battery for last location even when uninstalled

When paired with our ONE system, these devices provide monitoring and notification of driver behavior such as speeding.  Our OBD vehicle tracker is elemental to any monitored driver safety program. Many other GPS providers are selling 2G or 3G devices that will require updating in the next 12 to 18 month . . . many at your expense, even if they were provided initially at “no charge”. Our LTE CAT-M1 device will last well into the future. It also includes a backup battery to provide the last location even if the device is uninstalled.

All of our cellular network based devices utilize the AT&T network.

* Parameters reported are reliant on the vehicle’s diagnostic monitoring system. The device can only report parameters reported by the vehicle.


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