OBD Vehicle Trackers

AnythingGPS’s vehicle tracker offers real-time tracking for vehicles with an OBD port. Installation is quick and simple. Just plug and play. No need for an antenna, running wires, or mounting. Just plug into the OBD port and you’re tracking. Another benefit of an OBD based tracker is the ability to receive information directly from the vehicle’s diagnostic system. With an OBD tracker, vehicle speed and odometer are provided directly from the vehicle’s diagnostic system. Even in older vehicles without diagnostic support for reporting speed, the system utilizes location distance and calculates the vehicle speed based on elapsed time from one location point to the next.

Real-time location

Utilizing location based on the GPS satellite constellations, GPS devices obtain the longitude and latitude of the vehicle location. This information is then transmitted across the cellular network to our servers to store the data and make it available for viewing on maps or geocoded to a physical address.

improved productivity

Montoring vehicle operating conditions such as idling reduces costs. Vehicle idling increases fuel costs, emissions, and reduces vehicle longevity through increased engine hours. A GPS system provides the tools to proactively address unnecessary idling incidents.

Driver behavior

GPS systems provide for monitoring speed and braking practices. This can provide real time monitors for a driver safety program. Safety programs provide the benefit of positive reinforcement. They provide clear guidelines for expectations and can be monitored in the real time with a GPS system.

Maintenance Tracking

GPS systems proactively monitor miles driven and the hours an engine is operated. Based on these monitors, our systems can proactively notify when it’s time to perform routine maintenance. Our Essentials system provides tracking of two service intervals. Our Choice system provides unlimited service intervals.

How it works

OBD GPS Trackers

OBD GPS trackers are installed in the diagnostic port of vehicles manufactured since 1998. On large vehicles, a harness is used to adapt the OBD plug to a J-Bus 9 pin. GPS devices provide location information, but they can also relay information reported by a vehicles diagnostic system. Information such as fuel level, diagnostic trouble codes, engine RPMs, and more can be relayed to a GPS system remotely through the OBD GPS device. Diagnostic information provided by the vehicle are reported through GPS devices connected to the cellular network. This information is then stored on our servers to provide users access. Depending on the data plan chosen, this information can be stored for up to two years!

Choose your system

AnythingGPS LITE is designed for users on a budget. It provides location information, vehicle tracks, and basic reports. It can also be a starting point. LITE users can upgrade to AnythingGPS ONE at any time without the need to replace hardware!

AnythingGPS ONE is a full-featured GPS solution. ONE includes features to fit the needs of any sized fleet. Just a few of the features include scheduled report delivery, options for visual and audible notifications, and much, much more.

AnythingGPS is the place for do-it-yourselfers. We provide an extensive library of instructional videos and help articles to assist in getting started!

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