AGPS ONE Platform

Affordable yet Robust Tracking Solution 

  • Supports a wide variety of GPS hardware
  • Allows you to use custom icons
  • Multiple integrated map providers and views
  • Integrated mobile apps for dispatch, agriculture, public transportation, logistics, and more
  • Flexible report configuration
  • Alerts and emailed reports
  • API for data integration
  • Engine data reporting capability


Vehicles, Assets, Equipment – Wired, Battery, and Solar GPS Tracking Solutions

If you need to track vehicles, equipment, and assets but do not want to pay the same monthly service rate as some GPS tracking systems, the Fleetistics ONE platform is the right fit.


Maintenance Scheduling


The vehicle maintenance edit screen overlays the map when opened.  You can schedule routine services and reminders for custom tasks based on time, mileage, or engine hours.  Alerts can be emailed to one or more individuals.  Never miss an oil change or tire rotation again.


Monitor Individuals While Completing Other Tasks

Ever need to monitor one or two critical vehicles while moving on to other tasks or still keeping an eye on the larger group? 

Convenient pop out maps allow you to focus on the vehicles that require focus without being blind to the rest of the fleet.


GPS Tracking Map With Details

90% of what managers need to know throughout the day is visible from the AGPS ONE map page.

Vehicles can be viewed individually or in groups.  Event details like trips and stops in just a click or two.  Detailed vehicle information is available with a click or a hover.

Traffic, access to launch apps and settings, even the ability to change vehicle icons are available without constant navigation from page to page. 

Notifications and Alerts

Notifications can be set for a long list of parameters including all of the standards such as speed, geofence entry & exit, idle, and stops.  Some that you may not expect are connection loss, excessive data and passenger seat activity.



Geofences can be created as circles or polygons.  They can be color-coded and we have a variety of standard icons that can be used to represent them.  You can also upload your own custom icons to be displayed on the map.




So many times we are asked, “Do you have an app?” Our answer is “What do you want an app to do?”  There are many available apps.  Of course, there is an app to take your tracking data mobile, but there are also apps for work order management, track replay with street view, ELD, routing & scheduling, even agricultural management.  Apps are launched conveniently from a menu right above the main work window. 


Go mobile and monitor your fleet anywhere, anytime.

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