AGPS LITE Platform

Just the Essentials


  • Display tracking on road map

  • Split view with the map above and report below

  • Exception reporting and alerts

  • Multiple device types display on a single map

Get Control, Then Grow Your Business

AGPS LITE offers basic maps, zones and trip history reporting.  It is a cost-effective alternative when just the basic information provided by a GPS tracker is required.

As your business grows, your tracking needs are likely to grow as well.  Devices deployed in AGPS LITE can be moved into AGPS ONE when you are ready for a more robust feature set.

AGPS LITE is suitable for displaying vehicle trackers, asset trackers, even phones with internal GPS.


Efficiency, Accountability & Profitability

To combat inefficiency, small fleet operators can utilize GPS trackers to keep drivers on schedule, reduce speeding and stop after-hours driving.



This unique feature geo fences a route to generate an alert when the vehicle leaves the corridor.  These zones are especially effective for static routes that are run on a routine basis. Examples are between a jail and a courthouse, or between a manufacturing plant and the warehouse for finished goods.



Trips Detail Report

This is the report small business has come to rely upon.  Know exactly what happened, when it happened, how long each trip and stop took, and how much time the vehicle spent idling over the course of the workday.

GPS Tracking Map

View every place your vehicle went, where it stopped and how long it was there…the basics of a GPS tracking map. Vehicle tracking devices will update every 60 seconds.  Colored push-pin icons represent speeds,< 5 mph, >5 mph, and > 20mph.   With a built-in battery in most GPS devices, the last known location is reported when a device is “accidentally” removed.


Report Filters

With a robust list of reports and a sub-list of conditions to choose from, it is easy to assemble the exact information you need to review.  Reports can be exported as pdf or excel files as well.



AnythingGPS is the place for do-it-yourselfers. We provide an extensive library of instructional videos and help articles to assist in getting started!

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